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Award-Winning Author

Caryn's Award-Winning book, Bitter or Better: Life on the Op-Ed Page is filled with her unique stories and wisdom.

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Inspirational Speaker

Caryn uses her life experiences to connect and engage with her audience and deliver her powerful message.

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Caryn Sullivan Is No Stranger To Challenges 


Drawing upon her many personal challenges – be they life, health or death –  

Caryn offers audiences and readers a roadmap to resilience.


“By sharing her story, Caryn Sullivan heroically teaches us the most important lesson we need to know: Life is a choice.”

– Tani Austin, Co-Founder, Starkey Hearing Foundation

Caryn Speaking At a Be The Match Council Meeting

“Caryn Sullivan delivered a message at our annual meeting that resonated with an audience of over 1000 attendees from 39 countries. I would recommend Caryn as an inspiration to your audience through her writings or presentation.” 

– Dr. Jeffrey Chell, CEO, National Marrow Donor Program

Bitter or Better

 Grappling with Life on the Op-Ed Page

What Are Readers Saying? 

“A finely crafted chronicle full of happiness, good humor, and tragedy

received with wisdom and bravery, beautifully told.”

– Carol Connolly, St. Paul Poet Laureate

“Caryn balances narrative story, journalistic sensibility, and keen insights into a highly readable, can’t-stop-turning-the-pages experience. This is what book clubs were made for.”

– Molly Cox, author and inspirational speaker

“Caryn is a gifted writer whose words gracefully enter your soul with class and comfort. We all have a story, and Caryn guides us to look deep into our own lives and the lives of other fascinating people.”

– Kevin Warren, COO, Minnesota Vikings


“Caryn’s innate ability to address real life challenges in a personal and compelling style, blended with her genuine delivery, creates a memorable and deep-seated impression with virtually any audience/reader.”

Matthew P. Gonring – “C” Suite Exec Coach, Corporate Communications Leader