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Everyone has a story. Caryn shares her own stories, and the stories of others on her blog, Conversations.


Caryn was a “professional woman” for nearly a decade. She was drawn to the who, what, where and whys of life as a communications major in college.  But the law appealed to both her curious nature and problem solving instincts. In 1981, she moved to Minnesota to attend law school.

Caryn’s world changed dramatically in 1993 when she  learned her two-year old son had autism.  She retired from the practice of law to become her family’s autism expert and medical crisis navigator – and ultimately, a family crisis survivor.

In 2007, she began writing for the St. Paul Pioneer Press Opinion page as a contributing columnist.  Though she began writing about autism, she spread her wings to cover contemporary topics others often do not think about or discuss openly, such as mental illness, addiction or health challenges. Readers describe her as a discerning storyteller who digs beneath the headlines and offers compelling insights that cause them to think, feel and act. Her writing has also appeared in the Huffington Post, MinnPost, and Autism Speaks and is frequently reprinted in online venues, as well as college textbooks.

In her free time Caryn enjoys reading page turners, watching dramas and comedies and following current affairs; walking, biking, and practicing Pilates; traveling, and playing board games with family and friends. Her best vacations have involved hiking in the mountains, sailing on the Turkish Riviera and chilling on the beach in the Bahamas.

Caryn has also been a speaker at The Autism Society of Minnesota, Convent of the Visitation, St. Thomas Academy, Marine Moms Support Group and Rotary. She is also one of the founding members of the Women’s Impact Foundation, an organization of women who support Minnesota Adult and Teen Challenge’s mission. She also supports a variety of organizations, such as the University of Minnesota, Regions Hospital, Well Within, National Marrow Donor Program, and Special Olympics.



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